Garbage siege construction waste into the fast lane

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"13th Five-Year" period of building a well-off society and the stage of implementation of the first hundred years goal. The environmental protection industry of the "new normal", China has successively promulgated a number of national policies and industry standards, 2015 is known as construction waste policy, various policies have been introduced, the city construction waste recycling disposal rate should reach more than 90% in 2020. With favorable policies and high growth factors driven by the construction waste resource utilization industry will break through the bottleneck period, into the fast lane.

However, although the construction waste resource has been promoted for many years, there are still some problems such as low resource utilization rate and unclear responsibility subjects. At the same time, the utilization of construction waste in our country is also facing the challenge of economy, technology and policy. For example, some local construction waste disposal cost of unfunded progress affecting construction waste resource; a lot of foreign technology is not applicable in Chinese expensive maintenance problems, need further research and development of related technology to the government for the construction of garbage; serious lack of supervision, lack of system planning, but also the lack of scientific standards.

Therefore, the rapid development in the recycling of construction waste in the market, the government needs to continue to increase financial support, should accelerate the improvement of relevant incentive policies, improve the pricing mechanism, innovation management mechanism, and actively expand the financing channels, to promote investment diversification, promote the construction waste disposal industrialization and market healthy development.

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