Ministry of environmental protection to deploy the implementation of industrial pollution sources comprehensive compliance emission plan

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The Ministry of environmental protection issued the "notice on the day before the implementation of industrial comprehensive pollution discharge standards plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), requested by the end of 2017, iron and steel, thermal power, cement, coal, papermaking, printing and dyeing, sewage treatment plants, waste incineration plants and other 8 industry standard plan achieved significant results, pollutant emission standard system and environmental supervision mechanism to further improve the good atmosphere of environmental law basic form. By the end of 2020, various types of industrial pollution sources continue to maintain emission standards, environmental governance system is more sound, environmental law-abiding become the norm.

In recent years, all regions and departments have been increasing their efforts to promote the green development of the industry and achieved positive results. However, some enterprises excessive emissions of pollutants, such as the problem of stealing row is still very prominent, illegal sewage damage occurs when the ecological environment, the people strongly. The standard plan aims to improve the quality of the environment as the core, give full play to environmental standards and guiding function of enterprise upgrading and forced the adjustment of industrial structure, through governance according to law, science and technology support and supervision of law enforcement, improve policies and measures, promote the industrial pollution sources to achieve a comprehensive discharge standards, provide strong support for the continuous improvement of environmental quality. The standard plan will were produced in a large amount of pollution, has developed the industry discharge standard of pollutants, or discharge permit issued industry priority implementation, by focusing on the drive, promote the industrial pollution sources to achieve a comprehensive discharge standard.

In order to implement the objectives and requirements, the "notice" clearly a comprehensive investigation of industrial pollution emissions, emissions exceed the standard increase remediation efforts, continue to strengthen environmental law enforcement supervision, to effectively curb snuck malicious violations, regulate and strengthen the operation and supervision, online monitoring of the implementation of the sewage exceed the standard Joint Disciplinary and promoting information disclosure, strengthen policy support and further improve the pollutant emission standard system in 9 aspects of the task.

At the same time, the notice also stressed the need to implement the objectives of safeguards. To strictly implement the responsibility requirements, the provincial environmental protection departments should formulate the standard administrative region plan and annual implementation plan, and urge the people's Government of the city and county two environmental protection and earnestly implement the party with responsibility, a pair of responsibility system, promote the smooth implementation of the standard plan; strengthen the system in terms of cohesion, cohesion and the requirements of the country to do the sewage permit the reform of the overall consideration of the sewage licensing standards and plans to implement the work arrangements; in the publicity, requires all ordered good compliance plan to guide the work of propaganda, the use of television, radio, newspapers, Internet and other media, to snuck, data fraud, not the normal operation of pollution control facilities, illegal severely exceed the standard focusing on emissions and other environmental exposure, timely disclosure of investigation results, the formation of a strong deterrent, to create a good atmosphere of environmental law Wai; social participation, environmental protection requirements to promote the implementation of prizes to report, to encourage the public, environmental organizations, industry associations, trade enterprises to actively participate in environmental reporting of illegal acts; in strengthening supervision and evaluation, requirements throughout the organization and implementation of situation assessment for the administrative area of compliance plan, comprehensively and objectively reflect the effect and problems of the lack of work.

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