The healthy development of the industry to take off two hat garbage incineration"

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"Dioxin" and "NIMBY" seems to have been a waste incineration power generation industry cannot tear "label", in recent years, with the increase of waste incineration power generation enterprises, because of public opposition and to stop the project more and more, although many industry enterprises have been clarified, the two are not exclusive but in the industry. A burst of opposition, seemed a bit weak.

Two hats, a "noisy" stop constraints the development of the industry

In July this year, the city of Zhaoqing to be part of the town of small step in front of the town government gathered illegally to protest the garbage incineration power generation project, in the end, the project was stopped. Coincidentally, in August, the cogeneration project was terminated in a voice of opposition to domestic waste incineration in Nanjing District of Liuhe.

Xinhua combing found that since 2012, there have been more than and 10 people were made to stop the garbage incineration power generation projects.

Why waste incineration power generation projects were frequent "stop"? The reason, no waste incineration power generation will produce dioxin and other pollutants, will affect the lives of the masses. The concept of the "guidance", so there is a "raise a Babel of criticism of NIMBY movement". The avoidance movement causes the avoidance effect until the item is stopped.

At the same time, an unavoidable fact is that even in the downtown city stop waste incineration power generation, "garbage siege" phenomenon has been imminent, the original approach for garbage landfill, however, the bearing capacity of the landfill has been "alarm", the new waste incineration power generation projects, mostly the local government last ditch.

In the case of "avoidance movement" intensified, domestic waste incineration power generation projects have been increasing. In this contradiction, friction is large, it is self-evident.

Held in Shenzhen in November 9th of the national waste incineration power generation industry alliance conference, Professor Zheng Minghui Chinese Institute's "scientific and objective understanding of waste incineration of dioxin and its relationship to speak, everyone was shocked to find that the biggest source of dioxin is not the source of waste incineration, waste incineration is not only, even in our edible food, also contain dioxins, and no matter from the analysis of quantity and sources of waste incineration, the proportion and type in the controllable range. Moreover, the direct impact of dioxins on human health requires a number of conditions and the relationship between dioxin and large scale incinerators is not high.

"Dioxin" and "NIMBY" of the two big hats is how to buckle on the contrary to the common sense of waste incineration power generation industry head, normal development and as "inhibition" freely to tingling and switch resistance industry?

Some enterprises at the national waste incineration power generation industry alliance responsible person said, whether it is in recent years by the Hongkong crabs speculation Jiangsu waste incineration dioxins in a high proportion, or four ministries will file generation facilities by "NIMBY" into "adjacent facilities" statement of waste incineration, both directly and indirectly the garbage head "NIMBY" and "dioxin" two hat is popular.

The enterprise an unnamed official told reporters, in fact, many people in the industry know that dioxin and fuzzy is Professor Zheng Minghui's view, the NIMBY and how to mitigate and avoid NIMBY is also well aware of, but is not willing to express, not willing to communicate, is not willing to put into action, so that misunderstanding more and more deep, so you think should be the time for action, but found a bit late. So, these two hats are not worn by others on our heads. I had to end it, since this hat is two others ready to give us, but we put the hold up, how to release the hat but also on our own.

The association of circular economy Chinese power branch secretary Guo Yungao on said that in fact the two hat no specific, a little common sense knows that dioxin is not a waste incineration patent, waste incineration is not the nature of dioxin contribution "major"; "a subjective likes and dislikes NIMBY" is a person. Kind of mental activity, had no standard of right and wrong, not to waste incineration, but it is against the burning people find out when the weapons constantly, actually became the common sense, will become the two hat It is quite common for the industry. Guo Yungao also believes that in the beginning to be discredited when the waste incineration power generation industry, should strive to clarify and "counterattack", but the strange thing is, within the industry, who feel that this thing Never mind and his business, did not make a timely response, so that the error becomes a common sense, scientific and objective view and opinions instead of a fallacy, so without a specific two hats, being shenglayingche, obvious characteristics of the wear on the head of waste incineration power generation industry, caused the industry to overwhelmed.

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